He managed to make the whole process easy and less stressful

Chuck has been very helpful and patient with me as a first time buyer.
He addressed all my questions and concerns in a very professional and direct way which is what I prefer when dealing with business in general.

As many first time buyers, I didn’t really know what I wanted and where I wanted it. This is on top of all the questions I had related to the process of buying a house regardless of the location and the type of house. 

Obviously you could compromise getting a smaller place in a nicer region versus a slightly bigger one, and probably cheaper, if you’re willing to commit to work.  But what would be a good investment in a long term, what’s good for your children/family, and what other people will be looking for when it’s your time to sell – you really need help with to figure out those based on your personal preferences and needs/goals.

Chuck also took into consideration my family situation and helped us make a better decision as a whole. We went from 2 bedroom to 3 bedroom; with patio and without. We did see places closer to the beach and closer to work. We did see A LOT! And everything was nicely scheduled and organized to the minute.

I can’t imagine what the result would be without his input and diligence.
He managed to make the whole process easy and less stressful. Overall, with his guidance and how the market is, we ended up liking and buying our house in Irvine.

We made an offer. We got a counter offer. We responded.
The next I know is we got the place.

His communication and responsiveness did the job. Thanks much again.

— Ivaylo I.