Believe me, Chuck is the BEST.

If you are looking for someone who looks out for you, then Chuck is the best. 

I have purchased at least 20 homes from rental property to primary residence etc.  I am pretty experienced in home buying and selling, and Chuck is the tops for looking out for you, as he really came through for me, when the chips were down.

In April, 2019 I bought a home in Anaheim using him as my agent.  Let’s start with the offer.  There were 3 offers on this wonderful home and 2 more waiting.  Chuck was relentless in getting our position in 1st place.  Early on, the contact with the other agent was vital in getting us considered 1st. We had a contingency to sell our home.

The buyers of our home also had a buyer, so our position was not ideal, but Chuck got us in there.  It must have been just determination and his ability to connect with others.   You will see once you speak with him.  

Well, he made the connection, and we were on our way with a 35 day escrow, even though we had just accepted an offer on our home.  During the escrow there were many instances where Chucks negotiating expertise came into play, like request for repairs, move in/out dates etc.  Also as a sideline, the home inspector he has is phenomenal.  I am a low voltage contractor and his guy did an exceptional job for me.  Many inspection reports are full of fluff and BS.  His inspection was on point, understandable and thorough, and was critical in my evaluation of the new home.

Next let’s talk about Possession.   Possession usually takes place on close of escrow, so that means we would have to rent a hotel while the buyers of my buyers closed, then my buyers closed, and then I would close with the sellers of my house.  I had possession of my current home close of escrow plus 3 days, which gave me some leeway.  We also negotiated some extra time so that I did not have to rent a hotel and I had a day or 2 to get my new home ready.  

Chuck was in touch with my selling agent during the process to make sure I was covered with removing contingencies and possession etc.

So in order to not make this too long, I am grateful for Chuck’s determination,  and his looking out for me and my wife during the 30 day escrow.

Just one last thing.  I needed some help after the escrow closed with my home warranty company, and Chuck was there.  This was a month after our transaction had closed. Believe me, Chuck is the BEST.

— Vince and Irene C.